The South Butt v. The North Face

imagesThe South Butt v. The North Face

Trademark infringement suits, for our money, are one of the more entertaining corners of the litigation universe.

A common scenario in these cases is that a small business adopts a quirky knock-off of a bigger, more famous company’s brand, prompting cease-and-desist letters from the big-company’s lawyers and, on occasion, follow-up litigation.

Last fall, McDonald’s lost an eight-year battle to prevent a Kuala Lumpur restaurant from calling itself McCurry.  The company behind Victoria’s Secret waged a 12-year court battle against  the owners of “Victor’s Secret,” a lingerie shop in Elizabethtown, Kentucky that later changed its name to Cathy’s Little Secret.

The WSJ today looks at these disputes and others, including one we’ll call The South Butt v. The North Face, which involves Missouri college student Jimmy Winkelmann (pictured). About 3,500 trademark suits are filed each year in federal district courts. The problem, WSJ reports, is that many small businesses may not appreciate how far corporations will go to protect their brand.

Witness the aforesaid South Butt matter.

Winkelmann, according to WSJ, started a clothing company several years ago to mock fellow students who wore the outdoorsy The North Face brand, despite having no inclination to venture into the wilderness. He dubbed his company “The South Butt” and flipped The North Face’s half-dome logo to look like buttocks.

North Face sent a cease-and-desist letter and, when Winkelmann declined to cease, the company filed suit.

Winkelmann’s lawyer and a spokeswoman for The North Face said the matter was settled amicably, but declined to comment further.

Many small businesses, according to WSJ, find it’s not worth picking a battle with deep-pocketed companies, as legal costs alone can run $10,000 to $50,000, or several hundred thousand dollars if a matter goes to court. Most owners who find themselves on the receiving end of a cease-and-desist letter often settle the matter quickly to avoid the cost of a prolonged lawsuit.

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north face

imagesThe North Face buy north face again won three awards 11.08.2010 12:59 outdoor industry with reliability, innovation and advanced technology that the world’s leading outdoor clothing, equipment and shoes The North Face supplier today announced that it is the three high-profile industry awards Outdoor back pocket, and attended the 15th July in Friedrichshafen, Germany (Friedrichshafen) Open-organized the ceremony. The North Face capsule in this season of clothing, equipment and footwear won their series in the spring of 2011, canada goose two jackets and a sports shoe.

The climbers are the daily backpack carry all their belongings elements, wind waterproof jacket for men and women Verto is tailor-made for their outdoor adventure, is her ideal partner. Upcoming Spring 2011 Verto jacket designed specifically for emergency situations, from Pertex Quantum nylon 7 Daniel anti-wear fabric – this fabric is The North Face Summit Series family of products used in most thin fabric,  canada goose coat you can compress the size the energy bar. Verto jacket is extremely light and weighs only 78 grams, male models, female models, only 68 grams and the RV-compressible bag packaging (male part of the zip bag in the breast, female models in the upper arm), in addition to the ring very comfortable belt organization , packed jacket can easily hang after hiking on the belt. This full zip jacket with open front and ergonomic with a hat, be able to hurricanes in the summer and spring to resist invasion canada goose discount by the fog.

New listings Hydro slotting SE adventure sport shoes, men and women, two for the wading Desert Adventure Athletes and sports enthusiasts. Hydro slotting extremely light, protective molding of the EVA structure, indicating a drainage hole on the bottom and rubber outsole also important to increase the friction. Hydroshock machines with quick-drying breathable mesh and synthetic Fanmao used shoes hydrophobic surface, and the design of user-friendly quick tips pull locking system. EVA insole and you can die in canyoning, canada goose parka canoeing, water sports and many other sports that offer more comfort and cushion.

With its superior quality, innovation and the latest list of men celebrated triumph anorak jacket, marking the industry ultra-light waterproof jacket in the improvement of compression achieved a breakthrough. Triumph-jacket with only two high-performance waterproof breathable HyVent material, design is extremely clever. In other similar jacket fabric will usually more than 15 films, sewing canada goose womens and stitching too much pressure, was relatively heavy objects. Triumph jacket seams split with the super-close, and minimize the number of articles and thus great performance waterproof breathable, and the average weight of only 159 grams.

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The North Face Women’s Denali Jacket

North FaceThis classic fleece jacket provides comfort and warmth in cool to cold weather. Abrasion-resistant fabric overlays at shoulders, chest, and elbows increase durability in high-stress areas. Made from recycled Polartec? 300 series fleece, this eco-friendly jacket is sure to be your favorite

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The North Face Girl’s Oso Fleece Hoodie

North FaceThe North Face Girl’s Oso Fleece Hoodie is a fleece jacket that girls will love.  The silken, plush fleece fabric gives the jacket a unique look that’s different from other fleece jackets.  With a fixed hood, the jacket is also warm for going to school in fall and winter.  Abrasion resistant panels protect the shoulders when wearing a backpack so the jacket will last longer.
The North Face Girl’s Oso Fleece Hoodie – Click to enlarge

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North Face jacket

imagesEven if you use north face odyssey triclimate jacket a performance base layer underneath,north face odyssey triclimate the perspiration will stick into the North Face jacket for women and make the whole system clammy.north face odyssey triclimate jacket Fully cord still attached adjustable hood with hidden zip front and Velcro ? system.Center lining.Easy closure.Brushed chin guard to buy online and loves to use.

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The North Face Apex Bionic Jacket – Men’s

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best service it north face jacket, 2010 was named the best

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The North Face + Supreme = DOPE !!!

supreme-the-north-face-waxed-mountain-jacketFor the Fall/Winter 2010 season, Supreme and The North Face teamed up to make a Mountain Jacket and a Base Camp Duffle Bag in 3 different colorways. The jackets and bags will be released in stores and the Supreme online store December 2nd. DONT SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The North Face Denali Hooded Fleece Jacket – Women’s

north faceThe North Face gives you more to love with the Women’s Denali Hooded Fleece Jacket. Thanks the brilliant addition of a hood, you get more of the expedition-weight fleece. What’s more, the entire jacket is made from recycled and environmentally-certified materials for reduced greenhouse gas emissions and gasoline consumption.

* Nylon abrasion panels protect the jacket from backpack straps, ski edges, and other wear-and-tear
* Zip-in compatible, so you can layer it with a The North Face shell for the ultimate cold-busting comfort
* Fleece-lined hood features front adjustment cords to keep your ears warm on exposed walks
* DWR treatment repels light precipitation
* Drawcord hem seals out drafts

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The North Face Denali Thermal Jacket – Women’s

north faceThe incredibly popular The North Face Womena€?s Denali Thermal Jacket combines time-tested performance and environmentally responsible design. The North Face uses plush, recycled Polarted 300 high-loft fleece to insulate you even when weta€”and to reduce landfill waste at the same time. Abrasion-resistant reinforcements in high-stress areas amp up durability, and the jacketa€?s low bulk lets you pack it wherever you go. Wear this jacket alone for spring, summer, and fall adventuringa€”and then zip it into your ski shell in winter for added insulation.

Bottom Line: Proven durability, performance, and comfort.

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North Face The North FaceOutdoor BrandSports brandsClothing brand

north faceThe North Face1968 was born in San Francisco, 36 years, has developed into the world’s most famous outdoor brands, its products include clothing, shoes, tents, sleeping bags, with its exceptional quality, high-tech fabrics, and improve the function of making World player of choice for outdoor climax. VF Group is the largest U.S. clothing one of listed companies. VF Group’s goal is: to become the world’s most close to the consumer demand for apparel companies. Group has a range of international brand products: jeans casual wear, outdoor clothing, clothes clothing, knitwear, children’s clothing, backpacks and swimwear and so on. Where is the world-famous brands are Lee, Wrangler, Hero, The North Face, Nautica , JanSport, Vans, Kipling, Reef …… most of the brand in the global sales of more than 150 countries in the leading position in the market place. VF Group invest heavily in China, and believes China has a huge consumer market. The Group will continue to seek business opportunities, leading a well-known brands to enter China’s market. Hang Deli Garments Co., Ltd. (HD Lee Apparel Limited) was established in 1995, is the VF group in the country established the first wholly-owned subsidiary, and in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, with offices in Beijing, is now largely responsible for Lee, Hero denim brand Wrangler and clothing in China in product development, production and sales. To speed up the response to market demand, the company was established in 2006, Constant Bradley Garment Co., Ltd. Shunde branch, responsible for washing denim product development and sample production. Wei Fu Clothing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was established in 2007, mainly responsible for the world-famous brands The North Face outdoor sports apparel business in the China region. Wei Fu of Hong Kong Limited was established in 1974, is the world’s four major procurement center VF Group, one of which consists of representative offices in Guangzhou and Shanghai representative office, responsible for China on clothing, bags and footwear purchases of business contacts. VF Group’s business is booming in China, invites interested in the apparel industry to join with the VF family and grow together. WE ARE VF AND WE ARE GROWING … … Bradley Garment Co., Ltd. Heng Heng Garment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch Hang Deli Deli Deli Garments Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch Heng Heng Garment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Deli Garments Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch Heng Garments Co., Ltd., Shunde Deli Company VF clothing factory (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Wei Fu Clothing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch Wei Fu Clothing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch of Hong Kong, Guangzhou Representative Office of Hong Kong Wei Wei Fu Fu Co., Ltd. Shanghai Representative Office

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